How Tall Is Jack Doherty YouTuber? Jack’s Height And Other Facts

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how tall is Jack Doherty youtuber

How tall is Jack Doherty YouTuber who makes a huge fortune in the content creation field? Jack is an American YouTuber and has an extensive amount of growing followers. In today’s post, we’ll explore everything about Jack including his height, weight, age, and other factors.

How Tall Is Jack Doherty YouTuber?

Jack Doherty is a teenage kid whose height is 5 feet 6 inches. Jack’s weight is roughly around 62 kg and is a chubby, healthy kid. He has short blonde hair and brown eyes. As Jack is still young, his body must be going through physical transformations.

I hope now you know how tall is Jack Doherty YouTuber. Let us check out some of his other interesting facts you must know!

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Jack Doherty’s Age and Other Facts You Must Know

Jack was born to Anna and Mark Doherty and has two siblings. His father is from Ireland whereas his mother is from Poland. Therefore, he is of Irish-Polish descent and an American national. Jack grew up along with his two siblings; brother Michael and sister Joanna.

Jack Doherty’s birthday is on 8 October 2003 and his birthplace is Long Island, New York, United States. However, Jack’s zodiac sign is Libra and is 20 years old now.

Jack’s brother Michael is very supportive. His dad and brother often take part in Jack’s videos. On the other hand, Jack’s sister Joanna doesn’t appear in any of his videos.

You can keep on reading to know about Jack’s career and personal life.

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Jack Doherty’s Career And Personal Life

Jack started his YouTube journey in 2016 where he uploaded his first video. On his YouTube channel, he started uploading challenges-related content. This includes the Floor is Lava Challenge at Walmart, Singing on the Walmart intercom, and so on. His videos are unique, entertaining, and draw the audience’s attention! 

Jack Doherty’s net worth at 15 won’t be much as he was just starting gaining views on his videos. Currently, Jack earns a huge amount of money from his YouTube channels, brand endorsements, sponsorships, and other social media platforms. Jack Doherty’s net worth must be in the millions as of 2024. He lives a quite luxurious and fancy lifestyle with millions of assets! 

Jack’s personal life is also very interesting. He is dating an American entertainer Mckinley Richardson. She is a TikTok star and also a social media influencer just like Jack. The couple started dating in 2023 and they often appear on each other’s social media accounts.


In the above post, I’ve answered the most commonly asked question “How tall is Jack Doherty YouTuber”. Jack is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 62 kg. He is chubby and has short blonde hair plus brown eyes. 


Is Jack Doherty Married?

No, Jack Doherty is not married. He is currently dating American social media influencer and entertainer Mckinley Richardson.

Does Jack Doherty Have Any Tattoos On His Body?

No, Jack Doherty doesn’t have any tattoos on his body as he is not yet eligible to get tattoos.

How Did Jack Doherty Found Fame On YouTube?

Jack has a self-titled YouTube channel where he found fame because of his physical stunts. He often uploaded videos of him performing trick shots, flip tricks, and other stunt videos.

Who Are Jack Doherty’s Family Members?

Jack Doherty’s family includes his father Mark Doherty, mother Anna Doherty, brother Michael Doherty, and sister Joanna.