Who Is Bobby Lee Girlfriend? How Their Relationship Is Going On?

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Bobby Lee Girlfriend

Who Is Bobby Lee Girlfriend? Bobby Lee, whose real name is Robert Lee Jr., is an American comedian, actress, YouTuber, and podcaster; many video shows with Khalyla Kuhn, Bobby Lee girlfriend, got a lot of fans because the two of them got along so well. Unfortunately, the co-hosts broke up on one of the shows, ending what had started as a love-filled romance. In this article, we’ll talk about Bobby Lee’s girlfriend and the reason they broke up. 

Who Is Bobby Lee Girlfriend?

Khalyla Kuhn used to be Bobby Lee girlfriend but is now his ex-girlfriend. She is famous on the internet and became well-known as an activist on social media sites. Her work as a co-host on Tiger Belly with Bobby Lee made her famous. Bobby Lee’s only known girlfriend is Khalyla, so people think she is his only relationship.

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Bobby Lee’s Ex-Gfs

Bobby Lee is only known to have been in a relationship with Khalyla Kuhn. He has not been in a public relationship with anyone else.

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Does Bobby Lee Still Have A Relationship With His Girlfriend?

No, Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn are no longer dating. Their relationship as business partners is still strong, even though they are no longer dating.

The two talked about their breakup on episode 355 of their show TigerBelly. Bobby was barely able to keep it together, and Khalyla was crying.

The show’s third episode aired in July 2022, which is almost seven years after its premiere in September 2015.

That was after meeting for about two years. That means they broke up after being together for nine years. 

Why Did They Break Up? 

Many of the couple’s fans were shocked when they broke up, but many say they saw it coming for a while.

As Bobby said during the announcement, he was mostly to blame for the problems that led to the breakup. However, many loyal subscribers had been talking about Khalyla’s unloving behaviour for a while before the news.

Some watchers noticed that Khalyla made mean or unromantic moves and said hurtful things about Bobby, like not finding him attractive. A lot of people didn’t like how often she made fun of him.

Bobby also said that he felt more like a carer than a love partner to Khalyla, especially since he had helped her get better from a health problem years before.

Is Bobby Lee Still In Touch With His Ex-Gf? 

Both of them have moved on, but Bobby seems to have moved on the most. Since he said he isn’t and won’t be interested in seeing anyone, he seems to have lost hope about future relationships.

After the reveal, a lot of TigerBelly episodes were about updates on the couple’s therapy. During those episodes, Bobby would often get upset, but Khalyla would seem calmer.

On TigerBelly, people are still talking about their old relationship and split, which makes fans wonder if there’s still a chance for them to get back together.


Bobby Lee’s connection with Khalyla Kuhn was a big part of his life because it combined personal and professional parts. Even though they broke up, their podcast “TigerBelly” is still very famous because of the funny and personal things they talk about.


Who Is Bobby Lee’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Khalyla Kuhn used to date Bobby Lee. She is an American social media star who is best known as the co-host of the TigerBelly show. Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn broke up in 2022, when they said they were no longer together in TigerBelly episode 355.

When Did Bobby And Khalyla Meet?

They met for the first time on Tinder, a famous dating app, in 2013. Before making plans for a date, they talked on the app. They met for the first time in real life at a coffee shop in Long Beach, California, USA. She lived in California at the time. 

Are Bobby And Khalyla Married? 

Yes. It is said that they got married in New York in August 2016. But, unlike most famous weddings, no one knew about theirs. That’s why Bobby’s fans were shocked, since Khalyla wasn’t as popular as him and seemed like any other girl.

What Is Bobby Lee Doing Right Now?

Bobby Lee has been in a relationship with Khalyla Kuhn, an American social media star best known as the co-host of the show “TigerBelly.” He is not romantically involved with anyone else at the moment.