How Much Is Bert Kreischer’s Net Worth? Is he Wealthy?

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bert kreischer's net worth

Bert Kreischer’s net worth is an interesting subject that makes everyone curious! Bert has an excellent, vibrant career in stand-up comedy and broadcasting. In today’s post, you’ll learn about Bert Kreischer’s net worth and whether he is wealthier than other comedians.

Bert Kreischer’s Net Worth

Famous stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer’s net worth is around $14 million. Bert gained huge popularity by being shirtless at public events and thus is one of the wealthiest comedians. You must be surprised to know that Bert has a diverse source of income. This includes stand-up comedy tours, podcasting, TV hosting, and movies. Bert charmed millions of people with his unique bare-chested style. Bert Kreischer cruise festivals are also hugely popular.

Now, that you know Bert Kreischer’s net worth, you can keep on reading further to learn how he made his money.

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Bert Kreischer’s Career In Stand-up Comedy

Bert Kreischer's Career In Stand-up Comedy

Bert’s stand-up comedian career started in the late 90’s. During those days, he used to perform at clubs, theaters, and special occasions across the globe. He started his career at Tallahassee’s Potbelly’s and Greenwich Village’s Boston Comedy Club. Bert’s unique storytelling, humor, and signature shirtless performance gained huge appreciation. From such events, Bert earned between $75,000 to $150,000 on average.

Bert’s Comfortably Dumb on Comedy Central and Netflix specials Secret Time, and Hey Big Boy helped to significantly increase his net worth and fame! 

However, Bert also earned enough income from television and movies. Keep on reading to know more about Bert’s TV and film career.

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Bert Kreischer’s Career In TV And Movies

Another major source of income for Bert Kreischer is his television and movie appearances. On TV, he was hosting reality shows like Hurt Bert, Bert the Conqueror, and Trip Flip on the Travel Channel. He even made a guest appearance in reality shows like Reality Bites Back. Because of his unique comedy approach and fear-facing challenges, all these shows became popular among the audience. In addition to this, Bert has released a couple of comedy specials on Netflix too.

One of his famous stand-up comedy acts The Machine later adapted into a movie in 2023. This movie helped to showcase Bert’s narrative’s cinematic approach. Bert even did voiceover and cameos in several movies.

Bert loved podcasting which also helped him to increase his revenue. You can keep on reading to learn more about Bert Kreischer’s net worth and career in podcasting.

Bert Kreischer’s Career In Podcasting

Bert started podcasting in 2012 to boost his income and net worth. On this platform, he got the opportunity to showcase his conversation skills and connect with different celebrities. Here, he hosted several podcasts such as Open Tabs, Bertcast, and Something’s Burning. Bert also did a collaboration podcast with comedian Tom Segura on 2 Bears 1 Cave.

Bert gets an additional source of income from his online merch store. You can keep on reading to learn more about his merchandising and branding financial journey.

Bert Kreischer’s Merchandising and Branding Journey

Bert got into merchandising and branding for an additional source of income and increased his net worth. His online store often featured his signature clothing, comedy-themed t-shirts, accessories, and also Machine-themed products.

The main purpose of getting into the merchandising line was to develop a good connection with his audience and earn a decent amount of income to enhance his career.

Bert invested his wealth wisely in real estate investments. You can keep on reading to more about Bert’s real estate assets.

Bert Kreischer’s Real Estate Assets

Real estate investment is a rewarding career where you can enjoy a steady income from rentals. In 2010, Bert bought a home in Valley Village, LA, California. Later on, Bert renovated his house and added an extra structure in the back. Apart from this, Bert owns one more property in Los Angeles and a home in Tampa, Florida.


Bert Kreischer is often known for his dynamic and shirtless comedic acts. His estimated net worth from stand-up comedy and storytelling is around $14 million. Earning income from different platforms helped Bert build an impressive net worth and a solid figure in the entertainment industry. 


Is Bert Kreischer Tall?

Yes, Bert Kreischer is tall and has a unique personality. Bert Kreischer’s height is more compared to other American comedians.

Where Does Bert Kreischer Live?

Bert Kreischer currently lives in Los Angeles with his family. Bert Kreischer’s house is also quirky just like houses in the 1950s.

Does Bert Have A Channel On YouTube?

Yes, Bert does have a channel on YouTube titled Bert Kreischer where he has over 1 million followers.

Is Bert Kreischer Married?

Yes, Bert is married to LeeAnn Kreischer and the couple have two daughters.