Where Is Bert Kreischers House Located?

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Bert Kreischer’s house

If you are curious to know about Bert Kreischers house, then you’ve arrived at the right place! Bert is a famous comedian and TV personality. In today’s post, I will tell you everything about Bert Kreischer’s house in brief.

Bert Kreischers House

Bert Kreischers House

Bert Kreischer’s house is located in Los Angeles in the Valley Village area. His house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is roughly 1,400 square feet and was purchased in 2010. Bert purchased this house for approximately $529,000 and is considered one of the smallest celebrity homes in that area!

Bert earned major of his fortune by doing multiple comedy specials, hosting TV shows, and doing podcasts. On stage, Bert is a lively, energetic personality who is known for his party lifestyle! But offstage, Bert prefers a lowkey life with his family in Los Angeles. 

Well, Bert Kreischer’s house is an older, modest-sized home. It’s a single-story ranch-style home which is likely built in the 1950s. When it comes to the exterior of the house, it is very simple having a brown brick facade and minimal landscaping. The living space of Bert’s house is also less than 2000 square feet.

When it comes to the interior of Bert Kreischer’s house, it’s a mix of retro and modern elements. It consists of a cozy living room with mid-century couches and colorful rugs. Apart from this, Bert preferred hardwood floors which made the house stand out.

The furniture and decor of the house contain earthy neutral colors to create a relaxing vibe. The house also contains brick walls and retrieved wood that gives organic texture. In addition to this, there are plenty of plants that make you feel youthful and lively.

The main highlight of Bert’s house is the Den! It contains a bar, pub tables, music posters, and neon signs. This place is a perfect party place where he can enjoy his private life in a man cave. Apart from partying, Bert also watches sports and hosts small gatherings with his friends.

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Bert prefers simplicity over luxuriousness and owns a simple starter-sized home in Valley Village, Los Angeles. Bert’s house looks and feels warm, inviting, and unique. It is a single-story house with retro touches and relaxed outdoor spaces. You can also check out this quick home tour of Bert’s house.

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Does Bert Kreischer’s Residence Have A Garage?

Yes, Bert’s house does have a garage where he stores his motorcycles and rare supercars. He often uses his vehicles for cross-country touring trips.

Is Bert Kreischer Rich?

Yes, Bert is wealthy. Bert Kreischer’s net worth is also huge as he earns money from multiple sources.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Bert Kreischer Cruise?

The main purpose of Bert Kreischer Cruise is to celebrate laughter and enjoy fun activities with the audience and celebrities.

Is Bert Kreischer’s Height Shorter Than Ari Shaffir?

Yes, Bert Kreischer’s height is shorter than Ari Shaffir who is also a famous stand-up comedian and podcaster.