Who Is Mike Zimmer And What Is His Profession?

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who is Mike Zimmer

Being a football lover, you must be curious to know who is Mike Zimmer. There are several popular faces in the sports field. In today’s post, we’ll discuss about who is Mike Zimmer and what is his actual profession.

Who Is Mike Zimmer?

Mike Zimmer is the defensive coordinator of the National Football League (NFL) team; the Dallas Cowboys. He is working under the Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy

Mike Zimmer wife‘s death left a huge void on Mike and even was the toughest phase of his life. The couple were happily married and even had two children. Mike Zimmer daughter helped him a lot to overcome her wife’s death.

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What Is Mike Zimmer’s Profession?

What Is Mike Zimmer’s Profession

By profession, Mike Zimmer is a defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. Mike joined the Dallas Cowboys in 1994 and was working as an assistant coach under the head coach Barry Switzer. After a couple of years, he was then promoted to defensive backs coach. For a while, Mike also worked with other NFL teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, and Minnesota Vikings.

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To Conclude

Michael Zimmer aka Mike is the defensive coordinator of the NFL team the Dallas Cowboys. Apart from being the team’s defensive coordinator, he used to be a part-time defensive assistant, coach, the inside linebackers coach, and the defensive backs coach.


Did The Dallas Cowboys Hire Mike Zimmer For The Second Time?

Yes, The Dallas Cowboys did hire Mike Zimmer for the second time. He had joined the team in 1994 and then again rejoined in 2024.

Who Was The Head Coach Of The Minnesota Vikings From 2014 to 2021?

Mike Zimmer was the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings from 2014 to 21.

Did Mike Zimmer Use To Play Football?

Yes, Mike used to play football during his high school and college days.

Why Did Mike Zimmer Stopped Playing?

Mike Zimmer stopped playing due to his neck injury.