What Is AWD In A Car? Is It Better Than 4WD?

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what is awd in a car

Do you know what is AWD in a car? Understanding the different features and components of a car is essential if you purchasing a new or used car. In today’s post, we’ll discuss what is AWD in a car, how it works, and whether is it better than 4WD.

What Is AWD In A Car?

AWD in a car stands for all-wheel drive where your vehicle can decide when to drive all four wheels of the car automatically. This feature effortlessly balances fuel economy and extra traction. It will help your car drive better than other vehicles in off-road situations. But remember that this system is only suitable for light off-road use.

Now that you know what is AWD in a car, let’s compare it with 4WD and understand what is 4WD in a car.

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Which Is Better Between AWD and 4WD?

Which Is Better Between AWD and 4WD

An AWD car is better than a 4WD car if you are mostly driving on concrete roads and sometimes light off-road driving. On the other hand, the 4WD meaning is very simple and this system is better if you do off-road driving that involves mud, rocks, snow, or slippery inclines. 

After this, let’s now learn how the AWD system works.

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How Does AWD In A Car Work?

The AWD system can distribute the engine’s power to each wheel all the time. AWD system cars will use sensors to monitor if their front wheels are slipping. This mode will be activated automatically to control the vehicle. Once the AWD feature is turned on, you simply have to drive the car and let the car handle the rest of things.

However, rew AWD cars can change the amount of power sent to the front or back wheels. These cars can also disconnect power from two wheels completely. This is known as part-time AWD i.e. type of AWD. However, you can check this video to understand AWD working in short.

You can keep on reading to learn more about what is AWD in a car and the types of AWD systems.

Types Of AWD Systems

Here are the different types of AWD systems you must know.

  • Full-time AWD: In full-time all-wheel drive, the car’s engine provides power to all four wheels simultaneously.
  • Part-time AWD: In part-time all-wheel drive, the driver can manually switch the 2WD and AWD modes.
  • On-demand AWD: In on-demand all-wheel drive, the car’s engine provides power to all four wheels only when it is necessary.

Once you know AWD’s meaning and its type, you can continue reading to know its benefits.

AWD Benefits

AWD Benefits

Here, are the benefits of AWD systems in cars you must know.

  1. It uses sensors to monitor road conditions and wheel traction.
  2. AWD provides better stability in dry roads and weather conditions like snow, rain, or ice.
  3. It will give you a safe and more balanced driving experience.

Thus, the AWD feature is perfect for those who want a bit of extra confidence and control on the road. You can continue reading to know the drawbacks of AWD systems.

AWD Drawbacks

Here are the drawbacks of AWD systems in cars you must know.

  1. The AWD system uses a small quantity of fuel to operate, so your vehicle can lose fuel efficiency.
  2. This system is complex compared to other systems and requires repairs.

To Conclude

I hope now you’ve understood what is AWD in a car. It refers to a system where the car engine distributes power to move all four wheels. The AWD feature makes the driver’s life easier by making him feel safer and confident. In addition to this, it allows the vehicle to drive more effortlessly. This mode helps the car to move forward on snow-covered or slippery roads. 


What Is 4WD Lock Meaning?

4WD lock meaning in simple words; it’s a high-range 4WD option that can be used to lock in both axles.

What Is The Main Purpose Of AWD In A Car?

The main purpose of AWD in a car is to help the car engine send power to all four wheels to make it move.

Is AWD Worth It?

Yes, AWD is worth it as it can help you drive your car safely even through snow and ice.

Is It Possible To Turn On And Turn Off AWD?

Yes, it is possible to turn on and turn off AWD as required. This feature can be turned on when you want to evenly split power among all four wheels.