Peso Pluma Teeth: Does He Wear Diamonds On His Teeth?

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peso pluma teeth

Peso Pluma teeth grabbed media eyeballs after the drastic dental transformation! The Mexican singer conquered the music world with his bright smile. In today’s post, we’ll discuss Peso Pluma’s teeth, how he got a new smile, and does he wears diamonds on his teeth.

Peso Pluma Teeth

Peso Pluma Teeth

Peso Pluma teeth have new dentures that are perfectly aligned and sparking white! These new dentures completely changed the look of the singer. His previous dentures were aged and weren’t aligned properly. This affected the overall appearance of the singer. After the dental transformation, the before and after pictures of Peso Pluma went viral on the internet and social media platforms. 

Just like Peso Pluma’s real name, the singer’s teeth were also unique. His tooth treatment started two years ago when the singer got his first dentures. After a while, he thought of changing the color of his teeth. 

Peso Pluma’s girlfriend and his smile were always in the spotlight. Recently, it has been discovered that the singer is wearing diamonds on his teeth! You can keep on reading to learn more about Peso Pluma teeth.

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Does Peso Pluma Wear Diamonds On His Teeth?

Does Peso Pluma Wear Diamonds On His Teeth

Yes, Peso Pluma does wear diamonds on his teeth! The singer has spent over $50,000 on grills made of 10-karat gold, white gold, which is embedded with 200 tiny diamonds and 6 red hearts. This removable tooth accessories were designed by the celebrity jeweler Braggao. However, it was the dentist Dr Raul Perez who fitted this grill on Peso Pluma’s teeth. In addition to this, this grill needs special care and frequent adjustments to avoid the risk of damage. 

The young star never failed to treat himself with new luxuries. One of his first big purchases was a huge Spider-Man pendant made by Bagliori. The cost of this pendant was around $500,000. Thus, the Peso Pluma Logo and the dazzling dental transformation suited him well in style!

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To Conclude

Peso Pluma got new dentures and removable dental molds to enhance his unique personality. His new dentures changed his look completely as his previous dentures were visibly aged and weren’t aligned properly. In addition to this, the singer even got removable dental molds made of 10-karat gold, white gold, which is embedded with 200 tiny diamonds and 6 red hearts. Thus, that’s how the singer created his eye-catching smile!


How Much Does The Removable Diamond Dental Molds Cost Peso Pluma?

The removable diamond dental molds cost the singer Peso Pluma around $50,000.

Who Designed The Accessories Of Peso Pluma?

Celebrity jewelers Braggo and Bagliori designed the accessories of Peso Pluma such as pendants and removable dental grills.

What Was Dental Molds Of Peso Pluma Made Of?

The dental molds of Peso Pluma were made of 10-karat gold which contains white gold, 200 tiny diamonds, and 6 red hearts.

How Do Peso Pluma’s Dental Molds Look?

You can watch this YouTube video to check out Peso Pluma’s removable dazzling dental molds.