Easy Milliamps To Amps Converter

This is the easiest-to-use Milliamps To Amps converter. Whether you have ever or are dealing with electronic devices to must have come across the terms Milliaps and Amps also known as mA and A. These are the units that are used to measure electrical currents that is the flow of an electric charge. Here is a simple way to convert Milliamps (mA) to Amps (A)

Milliamps To Amps Converter

Using the above tools is very easy, simply just type the number of milliamps in the above or milliamps box and it will automatically display the conversion in amps in the below box.

What Is Milliamps?

Milliamps is a measuring unit used to measure the current flow of electric current. It is written as mA in symbol form. Milliamps are the smaller unit of Amp where 1000 milliamps is equal to 1 Amp. you can also say that 1 milliamp is one-thousandth of one amp.

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What Is Amps?

Amps is a short form of Amperes that is a measuring unit used to measure the current flow of electric current. Amps is a measuring standard unit of electric current that is included in the International System Unit.

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How To Convert Milliamps To Amps?

It is very easy to convert Milliamps to Amps with the simple formula as 1000 Milliamps = 1 Amps. Let us see the formula and some examples of the same.

Milliamps To Amps Formula

Amps = Milliamps / 1000 


A = mA / 1000


Ampere = Milliampere / 1000

Convert Milliamps To Amps Examples

I have 3 examples of Milliamps to Amps conversion that will make the concept even more clear

Example 1

mA = 700

Amps = 700 / mA1000 

= 0.7 Amps

Example 2

mA = 3000

Amps = 3000 / mA1000 

= 3 Amps

Example 3

mA = 860

Amps = 860 / mA1000 

= 0.86 Amps

Milliamps To Amps

Milliamps To Amps Quick Conversions

Here is a list of some quick conversions of milliamps to amps that is mA to Amps

   0.01 mA = 1.0E-5 A

     0.1 mA = 0.0001 A

        1 mA = 0.001 A

        2 mA = 0.002 A

        3 mA = 0.003 A

        4 mA = 0.004 A

        5 mA = 0.005 A

      10 mA = 0.01 A

      50 mA = 0.005 A

    100 mA = 0.1 A

    500 mA = 0.5 A

    750 mA = 0.75 A

  1000 mA = 1 A

  2500 mA = 2.5 A

  5000 mA = 5 A

  7500 mA = 7.5 A

10000 mA = 10 A

History Of Milliamps To Amps

The term Ampere was named after the French physicist and mathematician André-Marie Ampère who is one of the founders of the pioneer in electromagnetism. In 1948 Ampere that is A was included in the International System of Units that is SI. As the technology was getting advanced the need of measuring the units in smaller currents was becoming necessary. This made it important to introduce milliamps that is milli ampere. 1 milliamp is equal to 0.001 amp or 1 amp = 1000 milliamps. The milliamps are very important in low-current applications, some battery management devices, and in medical devices.

Sum Up

Converting milliamps to amps is a very crucial yet simple skill in electrical work and study. You just need to use the conversion tools of ours above or else remember that 1 amp is equal to 1000 milliamps. Simply just enter the milliamps and it will display the conversion of the number in amps below it.


How Many mA Is 1 Amp?

1000 mA is equal to 1 Amp that is 1000 Milliamps = 1 Amp.

How To Convert mA To Ampere?

To convert mA to Ampere that is mA to Amp you need to use the simple formula.

A = mA / 1000

How Many Amps Is 20 mA?

20 mA = 0.02 A you can write as 20 mA (milliamps) = 0.02 (A) Amps.

What Is 45 mA In Amps?

45 mA = 0.045 A you can write as 45 mA (milliamps) = 0.045 (A) Amps.

How Many Amps Is 70 mA?

70 mA = 0.07 A you can write as 70 mA (milliamps) = 0.07 (A) Amps.

How Many Amps A Is 60 MilliAmps mA?

0.06 A = 60 mA which you can write as 0.06 (A) Amps = 60 mA (milliamps)