Who Is Mark Davis Girlfriend? Is Mark Davis Married?

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Mark Davis girlfriend

Do you know who is Mark Davis girlfriend? Mark Davis is a famous personality in the sports world. He is often spotted with several people during matches and business trips. In today’s post, we’ll find out about Mark Davis girlfriend and whether he is single or married.

Mark Davis Girlfriend

Mark Davis Girlfriend

Mark Davis doesn’t have a girlfriend nor he is in a relationship with someone. The Las Vegas Raiders owner was once spotted sitting next to a woman during a Raiders match. The unknown woman was Hayden Hopkins who is a 25-year-old professional dancer and choreographer. She was sitting next to his luxury box and then the rumors started.

Later on, Hayden confirmed that she is not dating Mark. During that time, Hayden was pregnant and also stated that Mark was not the father of the child. 

Apart from Hayden Hopkins, an Australian singer Orianthi and the president of Westgate Hotel Cami Christensen are considered Davis’s rumored girlfriends. You can keep on reading to find out whether is Mark Davis married or still single!

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Is Mark Davis Married?

Is Mark Davis Married

No, Mark is not married or dating anybody. Well, 68-year-old Raiders owner Mark has no interest in getting married in the future. He is a very private person and doesn’t like to share any personal details. Even though Mark Davis net worth is huge, he doesn’t want to have any children so Davis’s legacy can be taken forward.

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To Conclude

Thus, Mark M Davis doesn’t have any girlfriend or wife. There are only rumors about Mark Davis girlfriend whereas Hayden Hopkins, Orianthi, and Cami Christensen were his rumored love interests. However, the Raiders owner himself declared that he has no plans to get married or have children in the future.


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At the time of death, Al Davis’s net worth was approximately $500 million.

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