Who Is Josh Allen GF And What Does She Do For A Living?

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Josh Allen GF

If you are curious to know about Josh Allen GF, you’ve arrived at the right place! Josh aka Joshua Patrik Allen plays for NFL’s Buffalo Bills as an football quarterback. In today’s post, you’ll learn everything about Josh Allen girlfriend and what she does for a living.

Josh Allen GF

Josh Allen GF is popular Hollywood actress Hailee Steinfeld. The couple started dating in May 2023 shortly after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend. Neither Josh nor Hailee have confirmed their relationship status. However, the duo are often spotted together spending time with each other during holidays.

You can keep on reading further to learn more about Josh Allen GF.

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Josh Allen’s GF Height, Weight, and Age

Josh Allen’s GF Height, Weight, and Age

Josh’s rumored girlfriend Hailee was born in Tarzana, California on 11 December 1996 to  Cheri and Peter Steinfeld. As of now, Hailee is 26 years old. When it comes to Hailee’s height and weight, she is about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 132 lbs.

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What Does Josh Allen’s GF Does For A Living?

Josh’s girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld is a successful Hollywood actress. She has worked in feature films like Begin Again, Bumblebee, and The Edge of Seventeen. In addition to this, she has also done voice-over for Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its sequel.

Apart from her acting career, Hailee is very successful in her music career. She often sings pop and dance-pop songs. He has also worked with artists like Megan Trainor, Katy Perry, and Charlie Puth. 

Josh Allen’s Past Relationship

Before Hailee Steinfield, Josh Allen was in a serious relationship with Brittany Williams. Brittany was his childhood friend and they later started dating during their college days. She was a dancer and cheerleader during her high school time. The couple were officially together for six years (from 2017 to 2022)! In 2023, they parted ways silently without revealing many details about their personal life.

To Conclude

Thus, Hailee Steinfeld is the current GF of Josh Allen who is a famous Hollywood actress and singer. Hailee and Josh started dating each other in 2023 but the duo managed to keep their romance from the public eye and media. There are also rumors that Josh and Hailee are soon going to announce their engagement publicly. 


Who Is Brittany Williams And How Is She Related To Josh Allen?

Brittany Williams is Josh Allen’s ex-girlfriend and the couple dated for nearly six years. The two had known each other since childhood but started dating each other during their college days.

How Much Is Josh Allen’s Net Worth?

Josh Ellen’s estimated net worth as of now is around $14 million.

How Tall Is Josh Allen?

Josh Aleen is about 6 feet 5 inches tall. 

Do You Know Why Josh Allen And Brittany Williams Broke Up?

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams broke up after being in a relationship for six years due to cheating allegations.