What Is Jim Carrey Religion? Jim Carrey’s Family Background

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Jim Carrey religion

Jim Carrey religion and his religious beliefs are no longer a mystery. Jim is a well-known comedian and actor who tasted fame by doing movies like The Mask and The Truman Show. In today’s post, we’ll only focus on Jim Carrey religion including his family background.

Jim Carrey Religion

Jim Carrey Religion

When it comes to Jim Carrey religion, the actor was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. In the early 1990s, Jim changed his religion and switched to Presbyterian. He started attending church and has been connected to Kabbala, Christianity, Scientology, and Transcendentalism.

He gave a speech at Homeboy Industries, where he spoke about God, faith, and forgiveness. This speech has been seen more than 184K times.

Later on, he mentioned Jesus as an inspirational figure and this helped him develop a deep faith in Christianity. He considers Buddha and the works of Eckhart Tolle as inspirational figures for his spiritual journey. Jim is never shy to express his religious views.

Now, that you know Jim Carrey religion, let’s have a look at his family background.

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Jim Carrey’s Family Background

Jim Carrey’s Family Background

Jim was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada to his parents; Kathleen and Percy Carrey. His mother was a homemaker while his father was an accountant and a musician. Jim’s mother is of French, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. Whereas Jim’s father is of French-Canadian ancestry. He also has three older siblings; John, Rita, and Patricia Carrey.

According to Jim Carrey’s age, the actor struggled a lot to achieve fame and success. As of now, Jim Carrey’s net worth is pretty huge making him a millionaire.

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To Conclude

Thus, Jim Carrey was raised as a Roman Catholic by birth. The comedian later switched to Presbyterian and got connected to Kabbala, Christianity, Scientology, and Transcendentalism. 


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