Jim Carrey Net Worth: Is He One Of The Wealthiest Comedians?

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Jim Carrey Net Worth

Do you know how much is Jim Carrey net worth? Jim Carrey is a famous Canadian-American comedian, actor, and producer. He is greatly appreciated for his comic projects. In today’s post, we’ll discuss everything you must know about Jim Carrey net worth.

Jim Carrey Net Worth

Jim Carrey net worth as of now is about $180 million. Jim’s primary source of income is his acting and comedy career. He has been the world’s most famous actor for over a decade. 

Because of his comic skills, he played lead roles in several hit movies and earned a massive amount of money. He earned nearly $20 million for each role he played. In no time, he became one of the highest-grossing actors in the entertainment industry. His total movie earnings and bonuses as of now are at least $300 million.

By looking at Jim Carrey net worth, is he one of the wealthiest comedians? Yes, you can consider Jim Carrey as one of the wealthiest comedians out there. He has ruled the world with his unique comedy style and sense of humor.

You can keep reading to learn more about how much is Jim Carrey worth and his other income sources you must know.

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Other Income Sources Of Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey also earns a good amount of money from his artwork. He often organizes solo exhibitions at art galleries where his fans can purchase his artwork. His fans highly appreciate Jim Carrey’s paintings as he often expresses his struggles in his artwork. 

In addition to this, the actor has also released a self-published children’s book How Roland Rolls. He also released another book Memoirs and Misinformation, co-authored with Dana Vachon. However, his books were critically acclaimed and also ranked at number 87 on the list of the USA Today Best Selling Books.

Jim gave endless blockbuster movies during the late 90s and early 20s. You can keep on reading further to have a look at Jim’s movie earnings. 

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Jim Carrey Movie And Television Earnings

Jim earned money mainly through his acting career. He gave several box office hits like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Mask, and, Dumb and Dumber. His movies collected more than $100 million in the same year. He earned around $350,000 from Ace Ventura movie, $540,000 from The Mask, and $7 million from Dumb and Dumber.

Jim was the first actor in history who earn $20 million from a single film The Cable Guy. Jim also did a television series In Living Color, earning $25,000 per episode. However, Jim earned about $3.2 million roughly on its 127th episode!

Apart from this, he earned a $20 million monthly salary from movies like Batman Forever, Me, Myself and Irene, Liar Liar, Yes Man, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. From 1994 to 2008, Jim earned around $200 million from his works. As of now, he has earned nearly $300 million only from movies.

Now, that you know Jim Carrey net worth, you can keep on reading to discover the actor’s other investments.

Jim Carrey Investments In Real Estate

Jim has purchased several real estate properties till now. In 1994, he purchased a property worth $3.8 million. A year later, he bought one acre of land for $1.7 million. In 2002, he purchased a beachfront mansion in Malibu for $9.75 million. The actor later put this mansion for sale in 2011 for about $18 million. 

However, his current residence consists of a pool, tennis court, and a huge guest house. This house was opted for sale in 2023 for $28.9 million! 

Car Collection Of Jim Carrey

You must be surprised to know that the comedian also has an impressive car collection. His car collection alone is valued at about $1 million! Jim owns a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, BMW 1250 GS, and Harley-Davidson Road King Classic.


Thus, that’s all you must know about Jim Carrey net worth and his movie earnings. Jim made most of his earnings by doing movies and television series. His current estimated net worth is around $180 million. Jim’s ability to play comedy and dramatic roles made him one of the wealthiest comedians worldwide. Before entering Hollywood, he used to do television shows. Jim Carrey’s art and books also increased his income.


What Is The Salary Of Canadian-American Actor Jim Carrey?

The Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey has earned over $300 million in salaries and bonuses.

Which Is Jim Carrey’s Highest Paying Role?

Jim’s highest-paying role was in the movie Yes Man where he earned about $32 million.

Which Is Jim Carrey’s Highest-Grossing Movie?

Jim’s highest-grossing movie is Bruce Almighty where he earned about $484 million.

How Many Girlfriends Did Jim Carrey Have?

When it comes to Jim Carrey’s girlfriend, the actor was in a relationship with many women.