Jim Carrey Girlfriend Death: How Did Jim’s Ex-GF Died?

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Jim Carrey girlfriend death news left the actor feeling devasted. Jim has been in multiple relationships. One of his former girlfriends was found dead in her apartment. In today’s post, I’ll briefly discuss Jim Carrey’s former girlfriend and how she died.

Jim Carrey Girlfriend Death

Jim Carrey Girlfriend Death

Jim Carrey girlfriend death led to wrongful death lawsuits against the Hollywood comedian. Jim has several on-and-off relationships. Shortly after ending his relationship with Jenny McCarthy in 2010, the actor started dating Cathriona White for a while. Cathriona was a famous Irish makeup artist and actress. The couple started dating each other in 2012 and were in an on-and-off relationship till 2015.

However, Cathriona died a few days later after breaking up with the comedian. Fans and media assumed that Cathriona was deeply affected after her breaking up with Jim Carrey. Before taking her life, she suffered from depression and even threatened suicide before taking her life. Cathriona passed away on September 28, 2015. The reason behind her death was ruled out a suicide by an overdose of various prescription drugs

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According to my research, Cathriona left a suicide note stating that she was suffering from depression and other personal problems. Jim was completely devastated listening to Cathriona’s death news. The actor publicly expressed his grief saying that she was a kind, delicate Irish flower who was too sensitive for this world. He also attended Cathriona’s funeral held in Ireland and helped to carry her coffin.

In 2016, Cathriona’s estranged husband Mark Burton, and her mother Brigid Sweetman filed a lawsuit against Jim. Both of them stated that Jim was responsible for Cathriona’s suicide. They also claimed that Jim lied to Cathriona about being tested positive for STDs and then broke up with her. Well, her mother claimed that Jim dupped Cathriona abruptly and then refused to talk with her even though he was aware of her fragile state. Cathriona’s mother also said that the comedian took prescription drugs under a fake name and gave these drugs to her. 

However, a medical examiner later on identified that Cathriona died due to a drug cocktail. Jim Carrey girlfriend death news gained nationwide attention in New Jersey. In response, Jim firmly denied these accusations and hired lawyers in his defense. His lawyers also claimed that Cathriona’s death allegations were baseless and the comedian had nothing to do with her death

In 2018, the court announced the result in favor of Jim Carrey and dismissed all wrongful death lawsuits imposed against him. Jim’s legal team was able to prove that the actor was innocent and fake STDs test results were used to exploit Jim.

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Did Jim Carrey Girlfiend Death Affect The Actor?

Did Jim Carrey Girlfiend Death Affect The Actor

Yes, Cathriona White’s death and wrongful lawsuit imposed on him took a toll on Jim. He also expressed his emotions publicly saying that he suffered a lot due to Cathriona’s sudden dismissal and wrongful death lawsuit filed against him. However, Jim got a lot of support from his fans and close ones.

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Thus, that’s all you must know about Jim Carrey girlfriend death. Cathriona White was Jim Carrey girlfriend after Jenny McCarthy. The couple started dating in 2012 and were in an on-and-off relationship. Unfortunately, Cathriona died in 2015 due to suicide and her death allegations were imposed on Jim. Later on, these allegations were dismissed but it deeply affected Jim who mourned for her loss.


Who Was Jim’s Former Girlfriend Cathriona White?

Cathriona was a 30-year-old well-known stylist and make-up artist from Country Tipperary, Ireland. She also worked with big celebrities like David Hasselhoff and Lyndie Greenwood.

Is Jim Carrey’s Wife Dead?

Jim Carrey’s wife’s death rumors are baseless as both of his ex-wives are alive and happy in their lives.

Which Religion Does Jim Carrey Follows?

Jim Carrey’s religion is Presbyterian but the actor was raised as Roman Catholic.

Did Jim Carrey And Renne ZellwegerDo A Movie Together?

Yes, Jim and Renne worked together in the movie Me, Myself, & Irene.