Is Tom Hanks Jewish? What Are Tom Hanks’ Religious Beliefs?

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is Tom Hanks Jewish

Is Tom Hanks Jewish is the most commonly asked question by Tom Hanks fans. Tom is a famous American actor who is majorly known for his comedic and dramatic roles. In today’s post, we’ll find out whether is Tom Hanks Jewish and what are his religious beliefs.

Is Tom Hanks Jewish?

is Tom Hanks Jewish

No, Tom Hanks is not Jewish. When Tom was born, he was raised as a Catholic and Mormon. His mother Janet Marylyn was from a Portuguese family. And his father Amos Bud Hanks was of English ancestry. 

As an adult, he used to then identify himself as Christian. He never missed a chance to show his faith publicly and also did several charitable activities in the church. But after marrying his now-wife Rita Wilson, he converted to the Greek Orthodox Church.

The actor was spotted dancing at a Jewish function. Since then, there have been rumors that he has converted to Judaism.

After your doubt: is Tom Hanks Jewish is cleared, you can keep on reading to know his religious beliefs.

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Tom Hanks’ Religious Beliefs

Tom Hanks’ Religious Beliefs

Tom was raised as a Catholic since childhood and he followed Catholicism for the first 10 years. He was officially baptized in the Catholic church. After a couple of years, he then practiced Christianity. Being a member of a Greek Orthodox church, he now practices the Greek Orthodox faith.

However, the actor never fails to show his respect and support for other communities including the Jewish community.

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To Conclude

Thus, Tom Hanks has never identified himself as Jewish. The actor was born and raised Catholic as a child. Later, he followed Christianity and did several charitable activities. After getting married to his second wife Rita Wilson, Tom followed the Greek Orthodox faith.


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