Is Bobby Lee Korean? What Is His Nationality?

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Is Bobby Lee korean

Is Bobby Lee Korean? Famous Korean American comedian, actor, and podcaster Bobby Lee has changed the entertainment industry. His distinctive wit and remarkable antics have won over his devoted fans. Bobby Lee has appeared in films, TV shows, and stand-up, making him versatile and vital in humor. The industry knows him for his ability to amuse and connect.

Is Bobby Lee Korean?

The answer for is Bobby Lee Korean is that Yes, Bobby Lee is Korean. Robert Lee Jr. was born on September 17, 1971, in San Diego, California. His Korean parents raised him in America. Jeanie and Robert Lee Sr. immigrated from South Korea to the US before his birth. Living in a Korean-American household exposed Bobby to Korean and American culture, which shaped his personality and humor.

His Korean heritage influences his life and career. Bobby typically leverages his Korean-American background to make people laugh in his stand-up shows. He may discuss family, identity, and being an immigrant from two cultures, giving his entertainment a unique perspective. Combining these ethnic influences has given him a distinct comic style that appeals to many.

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How Old is Bobby Lee?

How Old is Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee age is 52 in 2024. Born September 17, 1971, he has been in the show business for almost 20 years. Bobby’s first gig was a stand-up comedy, which he performed across Los Angeles in the late 1990s. He got his big break in 2001 when he joined MADtv. On MADtv, Bobby became a famous comic with his diverse roles and unforgettable characters.

Bobby’s work has improved over time. After leaving “MADtv” in 2009, he worked in film and TV, including guest appearances on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and roles in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and “The Dictator.” In addition to acting, Bobby does stand-up comedy in clubs and festivals throughout.

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Bobby Lee Nationality

Bobby Lee Nationality

Bobby Lee Nationality is Korean-American. He is talented, tough, and able to connect with others via fun. In almost 20 years, he has appeared in movies, TV series, stand-up comedy, and podcasts. Bobby is popular in the entertainment industry because he makes people laugh with his mix of culture and personal experiences.


Bobby Lee’s height is 5’4″ (163 cm) which he possesses from his mom. Some of his jokes make light of his height, which he employs well. Despite being short, Bobby Lee is famous in showbiz. His great personality and comedy made him famous. His ability to laugh at himself and use his physical attributes to make people laugh makes him famous with admirers.


What is Bobby Lee’s real name?

Bobby Lee’s true name is Robert Lee Jr.

What is Bobby Lee known for?

Bobby Lee is notable for “MADtv” and “TigerBelly.”

Has Bobby Lee acted in movies?

Bobby Lee appeared in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” and “The Dictator.”

Is Bobby Lee married?

They have been dating since 2024, although Bobby Lee Girlfriend Khalyla Kuhn, his “TigerBelly” co-host, is married. 

Does Bobby Lee have siblings?

Steve Lee is Bobby Lee’s younger brother. Podcaster and vocalist Steve Lee is in the entertainment industry.