How Old Is Shane Gillis And What Is His Birthdate?

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how old is Shane Gillis

Do you know how old is Shane Gillis? Shane is a comedian who is famous for his stand-up comedy shows and podcasting. In today’s post, I’ll tell you Shane Gillis age, birthdate, birthplace, and a bit about his early life.

How Old Is Shane Gillis?

how old is Shane Gillis

As of 2024, Shane Gillis is 36 years old and celebrates his birthday on 11 December 1987. Shane Gills was born in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and raised in Harrisburg. However, his parents were of Irish Catholic ancestry. 

Shane went to Trinity School to complete his high school education and then went to the United States Military Academy for further education. Later, he changed his university and went to Elon University to complete his education. Shane completed his graduation course from West Chester University. He stepped into the entertainment industry in 2016 and since then he has never looked back! He gained huge success and limelight by being a stand-up comedian and podcaster. Shane Gillis net worth is also steady as he earns extra income from merchandise sales and investments.

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Thus, Shane is 36 years old and has established his career as a stand-up comedian and podcaster. In his childhood days, he was interested in playing football but he now became a prominent identity in the world of comedy!

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Does Shane Gillis Have Completed His Degree?

Yes, Shane has completed his degree and graduated in 2016. After graduation, he taught English in Spain for a couple of months.

Where Did Shane Completed His High School Education?

Shane completed his high school education at Trinity School.

Where Can I Watch Shane Gills’s Monologue?

You can watch watch Shane Gillis’s monologue on YouTube.

How Many Episodes Are There In Shane Gillis’s Show Tires?

There are a total of six episodes in Shane Gillis’s show Tires.