Has Tom Cruise Had Plastic Surgery To Hide His Age?

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has Tom Cruise had plastic surgery

Fans often wonder has Tom Cruise had plastic surgery. Tom Cruise is a well-established actor and is a part of the Hollywood industry. He is 61 years old and has been in the entertainment industry for 40 years. Today, we’ll find out has Tom Cruise had plastic surgery.

Has Tom Cruise Had Plastic Surgery?

has Tom Cruise had plastic surgery

No, Tom Cruise has never had any plastic surgery. The actor even stated that he would never undergo plastic surgery in an interview with Playboy magazine. However, his wrinkle-free, swollen, and puffy face often makes people believe that the actor has had cosmetic surgery.

In 2011, Tom was spotted meeting a famous Brazilian plastic surgeon on his private island. This made people even more curious whether the actor had gone under the knife. Well, the actor once again cleared all the rumors by saying he would never go under a knife to look younger. The rumors about Tom Cruise Botox are also not cleared yet.

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Thus, Tom Cruise has never had any type of plastic surgery throughout his career. His swollen, wrinkle-free, and puffy face may have made people wonder that he has gone under the knife. However, there can be several reasons for his swollen face such as weight gain or injectables.

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