Details About Emma Stone Engagement Ring You Must Know

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Emma Stone Engagement Ring

Are you curious about Emma Stone engagement ring? Emma’s engagement ring selfie with her husband Dave McCary quickly went viral on Instagram. Her fans went crazy by looking at those pictures! In this post, I’ll share the details of Emma Stone’s engagement ring.

Emma Stone Engagement Ring

Emma Stone Engagement Ring

Emma Stone engagement ring is one of the celebrity engagement rings known for its vintage appeal. Her ring was designed by a famous Tokyo-based jeweler named Yoshinobu Kataoka. The ring features an 8mm radiant center pearl. If you observe closely, you’ll notice the pearl is nestled in a snowflake motif with 0.37 carats of diamonds. And it is an 18-karat gold band

However, Emma’s engagement is also known as the Pearl Snowflake Ring. The cost of Emma’s engagement ring is around $4,780 at Catbird. His now-husband Dave McCary purchased this ring from this store. Well, it was McCary who declared this engagement news on Instagram. The couple posted a selfie where Emma is showing her unique engagement ring.

Apart from the engagement ring, Emma Stone eye color is also unique and suits her. When it comes to Emma Stone feet, they are very beautiful and presentable. 

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To Conclude

Thus, Emma’s unique engagement ring is designed by Tokyo-based famous jeweler Yoshinobu Kataoka. Her ring features an 8mm luminescent pearl in the center. This pearl is nested in a snowflake motif of 0.37 carats of diamonds. Also, the ring is made of an 18-karat gold band. You can easily shop for the dupe of this ring at the NYC-based jewelry store Catbird.

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Which Is The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Ring?

The most expensive celebrity engagement ring is of Mariah Carey. It is a 35-carat emerald-cut ring that was created by jeweler Wilfredo Rosado.

What Is The Worth Of Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring?

The worth of Emma’s engagement ring is approximately $4,780.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Emma Stone?

Emma Stone net worth must be between $35 to $45 approximately.

Where Can I Purchase The Replica Of Emma’s Engagement Ring?

You can easily purchase a replica of Emma’s engagement ring from Catbird or the retailer Kataoka.