Who Is Chris Mr. Beast Wife? Is He Still Married?

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Chris Mr. Beast Wife

Do you know who is Chris Mr. Beast wife? Chris Tyson is the co-founder of the Mr. Beast YouTube channel. Chris gained huge fame and recognition from Mr. Beast but very few know about his personal life. Today, let’s talk about Chris Mr. Beast wife in brief.

Chris Mr. Beast Wife

Chris Mr. Beast wife is Katie Tyson who was also his high school sweetheart. Katie was born Katherine Anne Tyson on July 21, 1994, in the United States. She is known for being a social media influencer. On her Instagram account, she often shares a glimpse of her life including fashion and travel-related content.

The couple met during their high school education. After getting married to Chris Tyson, she came into the limelight. You must be wondering, is Chris Tyson still married to Katie? Well, the couple are no longer together and have been living separately for a year.

You can keep on reading to learn more about Chris Mr. Beast wife career.

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Katie Tyson’s Career And Professional Life

Katie Tyson’s Career And Professional Life

Apart from being a social media influencer, Katie has a successful career in medicine. Currently, she works at East Carolina University (ECU) Physicians. Here, she uses her knowledge of Neurodiagnostics to help others.

You must be surprised to know that Katie is also an entrepreneur. On Amazon, she owns a marketplace where is sells items like toys, home decor, kitchenware, beauty accessories, and other items. Her ability to manage her responsibilities as a mother and her career is remarkable! 

Now, that you know Chris Mr. Beast wife, let’s have a look at the couple’s personal life.

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Chris Tyson’s Personal Life

Chris and Katie got married in 2018 after dating for a couple of years. In 2020, the couple also had a son named Tucker Tyson. Katie once participated in the “ Giving Friend One Hour To Spend $100,000 Challenge” video along with Chris and Mr. Beast members. She was occasionally part of the Mr.Beast phenomenon.

Despite knowing each other for several years, the couple announced their separation in 2023. Chris and Katie’s separation grabbed media attention. Many of his fans even said that Chris’s gender transition must be the reason behind their separation.

You can keep on reading further to learn more about Mr. Beast Chris’s wife‘s views on his gender transition.

Katie Tyson’s View On Chris Tyson’s Gender Transition

Chris Tyson’s ex-wife Katie was always supportive of his decision to gender transition. After separating from Katie, Chris is undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT). On his social media accounts, he constantly shares his therapy experience. Because of the gender transition, fans think Mr. Beast’s gay friend is Chris Tyson.

The divorce helped both Chris and Katie to focus on their respective career. Apart from this, both of them enjoy co-parenting their only child Tucker. 


Thus, that’s all you must know about Chris Mr. Beast wife. Chris got married to Katie Tyson in an intimate wedding. The couple knew each other for a very long time but their marriage only lasted for roughly four years. They got separated mutually after having a son, Tucker. Even after being active on social media platforms, Katie prefers to maintain a private and low-key life. She continues to balance her work and her role as a mother very well.


Is Katie Tyson A Member Of The MrBeast Channel?

No, Katie is not a member of MrBeast. She came into the limelight as she was married to Chris Tyson, co-founder of MrBeast. Katie once appeared in a challenge video created by Mr. Beast.

How Katie Tyson Makes Money?

Katie is a social media influencer and entrepreneur. She also has a career in medicine. On her Instagram account. On her Instagram account, she makes content on travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Currently, she works at ECU Physicians and has expertise in Neurodiagnostics.

Who Is Chris Mr. Beast Wife As Of Now?

After getting divorced from Katie, Chris did not get married again. So, Chris is now single and is undergoing a gender transition.

How Old Is Chris And Katie Tyson’s Son?

As of now, Chris and Katie Tyson’s son Tucker Tyson is 2 years old. He was born on 18th June 2020.